Frequently asked questions.

Q: Do you have insurance?
We are fully insured. We carry 1 million in liability and workers comp on employees at all times.

Q: Why should I use your company?
We are not your average Splash and Dash pressure washing company. We have spent over 20 years perfecting our skills and researching the latest cutting edge technology for roof and exterior cleaning. Most companies go to Lowes, buy a pressure washer a bottle of bleach and dish detergent and start blasting on your most valuable possessions. All technicians at Titan Pro Wash are UAMCC Certified (united association of mobile contract cleaners) in roof and exterior cleaning methods and solutions. All employees must pass a SLED criminal background check for the customer’s protection. All Technicians must clean with the owner for a period of no less than 4-6 months before becoming a lead technician on a truck and work alone. All employees attend industry seminars and training for the latest technology and equipment several times a year. We are GOLD certified members of Lexington counties Green business association. WE will treat your home and property as if it were our own.

Q: Will pressure washing damage my house, siding, stucco, deck etc.?
Yes! In the wrong hands and even skilled hands, a pressure washer can cause irreversible and costly damages in an instant. You should never clean an exterior with pressure higher than 200PSI (pounds per square inch). Our system is electric and the pressure we clean with is about 70PSI. Your average water hose pressure is around 70-100PSI. over 500PSI will remove stucco, 700-1000PSI can pop gas seals on double pane windows, as little as 1200PSI can score concrete, remove mortar and severely damage decks, docks and fences. Higher pressure should only be used on concrete and in some rare cases on brick. Many companies use 3-4 thousand PSI machines to clean everything and you won’t notice the damages until it’s too late.

Q: Will your cleaning solutions damage my plants?
Our solutions are 100% biodegradable but do contain a very low amount of Sodium Hypochlorite to better kill mold and mildew. We thoroughly rinse all vegetation before, during and after cleaning to insure health. In some cases we have to mix the cleaning solution stronger for tougher applications and it can wilt more sensitive flowering plants like roses or Japanese maples. Extra watering after cleaning will make them perk back up. Green vegetation like grass, bushes, palms and trees show little to no effect rinsed or not. We recommend moving any plants you can away from the home during cleaning as a precaution. During hot weather, extra watering is recommended as well.

Q: Will exterior cleaning effect my electrical Items?
We always ask to remove/cover any electrical appliances like radios or TV’s and unplug things like fountains, refrigerators or lights if outside. In our 20 years of cleaning we have come across a few electrical outlets that were either improperly sealed or broken which caused the breaker to trip when wet. Simply wait 24 hours for it to dry and reset the breaker. Under normal circumstances there won’t be any problems.

Q: Does it mess up the windows?
When we clean the exterior, we clean the windows for free. Our solution is formulated to dry virtually streak free. We have noticed in the past that homes with wells and or lake water systems tend to have a bit of haze after cleaning due to the water being hard or having a lot of mineral solids in it. If needed, we offer a service to clean interior and exterior windows.

Q: Do you use bleach?
This is a tricky one. We use Strait Sodium Hypochlorite which is a major component in bleach like you buy off the shelf but it doesn’t have all the gunk, fillers and scents added. We use a ratio to clean homes of about ½ to 1% strength. The stuff you buy off the shelf for laundry is around 4-5% strength. The difference is what we put with it that makes it clean as if it were much stronger while avoiding the damage straight bleach can cause. Bleach or S H does not clean, it only disinfects surfaces. It will kill mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses and other organic contaminants.

Q: Do I need to move anything when you clean?
In cases of porches and decks, we ask that the customer remove/move all seat cushions, electronics, breakables, items on walls like clocks and pictures etc. If the furniture is made for outside, it can stay and will usually get cleaned. We also recommend moving any potted or hanging plants away from the house as a precaution. When in doubt, move all items away from the home or inside. This is mainly for the hoses we are dragging around the home and not the solution. If it’s not there, there is no chance of a problem and it will help us clean.

Q: Will pressure cleaning damage my Dock, Deck Fence?
YES! Unless there are special circumstances or the wood is super-duper caked in mold or you’re blasting off old paint, there is no need to use high pressure cleaning. About 95-98% of the time, we clean wood products with our electric soft wash system and NO pressure. We do get some docks that have been molding and baking in the sun for 10-15 years and we have no choice but to blast it. We have multiple ways and the experience to insure your wood products look great. We have seen too many bad wood cleaning jobs to count because someone used a pressure washer on it. HINT: Don’t let your neighbor’s kid do it!

A: For exotic decking like Epay, Teak, redwood or composites, the soft wash is the only way to properly clean the surface. We have tweaked our formula for over 20 years to make these surfaces like new after cleaning. High pressure cleaning will absolutely ruin them.

Q: Will cleaning my roof harm the shingles?
Absolutely not! Soft Wash is just that, soft. We remove all mold mildew and organic contaminants from your roof without even touching it. The soft wash solution is sprayed over the effected surfaces and results in a 100% kill ratio of all organic contaminants down to the roots. We can do this from ladders and don’t need to be on the roof unless something is hard to reach. Pressure of any kind will remove the reflective granules from the shingles resulting in leaks, shorter life span and void home warrantees. We have personally witnessed insurance companies fail to renew insurance on homes with roof mold and void damage repairs due to pressure cleaning.

Q: How long does it take to clean?
lots of factors go into the length of a cleaning job. Concrete and wood are the slowest and 2 similar sized projects can clean totally different. An average size home between 1500-3000 heated square feet with porches or screened porch would take between 1-2 hours to clean. If there is full siding or its really dirty it could take a bit longer.

If you have any questions not answered by these examples, please feel free to call on us. We always have time for you! 803-345-9869