Why do you need regular exterior cleaning?

Here is a list of organisms and contaminants found on the exterior of an average home. Mold, mildew, algae, bacteria, lichen, fungi, automotive carbons and toxins, dust, pollens, insect nests and droppings, spider webs etc. YUCK!

Mold, mildew, fungus and algae are all in the top ten allergens list. Mold and fungus are known culprits of sick building syndrome. Moldy areas are one of the top ten environments looked at for Legionnaires disease break outs.

These contaminants are feeding on your paint, stucco, wood etc. They will continue feeding until they are eradicated. They can cause thousands in property damage, are unhealthy being on your home and let’s face it, they look bad.

Does your house look like this?

Do you wish it looked like this?

We can help!

Our exterior soft wash process will kill and/or remove all these contaminants without damage to your most valuable asset. Our eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution will provide a 100% kill ratio of all organic contaminants growing on your homes surface and in the places you can’t see. Our soft wash process is a 12-volt electrical platform that uses less pressure than a garden hose to clean your home, roof and wood products. Our proprietary solution does all the work. Your home is left clean, contaminant free and unharmed.

This is NOT pressure cleaning. Beware of companies that advertise low, softer or heated pressure cleaning methods, they are still done with a pressure washer and can easily cause damage to your home. Pressure cleaners generally use cheap, ineffective and toxic chemicals that do not kill contaminants. They are then forced to use unsafe higher pressures to blast the surfaces clean. Higher pressure cleaning can remove paint, scar vinyl, stucco and aluminum sidings, damage window seals causing between pane moisture and damage mortar joints and brick finishes. Higher pressure will also drive water through window gaskets, behind sidings and into soffits resulting in possible water damage and mold within your home and walls.

This is what a pressure washer will do in the wrong hands.

You name it, we clean it!
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