Whats Eating Your Wood?

Just like your home and roof, your deck, dock and fence are infested. They are being attacked and fed on by mold, mildew, algae and lichen. These pests will feed on the wood as if it were a rotting tree until there is nothing left. Treated lumber is effective against insects and moisture but does nothing for organic contaminants. The only way to stop them is to kill them.

We have the solution.

Which half of this deck does yours look like?

This deck was cleaned using Soft Wash technology. No pressure was used or needed to clean this deck. We use the same gentle process that we do on your exterior only with a stronger mixture. Extremely low pressure rinsing may be needed on only the worst of decks, docks and fences or in the removal of old sealer buildup. High pressure cleaning of wood gouges out the softer fibers causes splitting, cracking and splintering and greatly affects the appearance and lifespan of the wood

Too Much Pressure.

Our process kills and removes contaminants deep into the wood fibers greatly slowing the possibility of re-growth. It is safe to use on any wood product including exotic woods like redwood, IPE and hardwoods. It will not harm or remove existing stains unless they are at the point of failure.

It’s magic on artificial decking.

Our Soft Wash process will remove 100% of all organic contaminants and stains. Pressure cleaning won’t.

For staining or sealing of wood we recommend and prefer to use Ready Seal commercial penetrating oil stains. For a painted look we trust Sherwin Williams solid deck or wood scape stains. For maximum protection or older wood we like Superdeck coatings. They adhere better to bare wood than painting. We will use other products at customer’s request but they may affect the warrantee.

All staining jobs are backed by a 1 year warrantee on all our work. We have several proven products and finishes to suit your tastes. Be careful with stains from local home supply chains claiming 10-15 year life span. There warrantees are wildly exaggerated. Most of them contain polymers that make them tough but seal off the wood causing mold growth under the finish turning your wood black in no time. They may last but do not penetrate or protect the wood properly. Water sealing and proofing products are a waste of money and time. They do not protect as well as penetrating stains and need constant re-cleaning and re-application.

You name it, we clean it!
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